A KILLER BOX - FEMININE EDITION! | New Horror Subscription Box - Pennywise & The Thing!

Gory B. Movie unboxes a preview of the upcoming A KILLER BOX that launches in September. This is the FEMININE EDITION with loads of awesome horror items especially for horror ghouls. Includes items from Stephen King's It, John Carpenter's The Thing and Evil Dead!

A Killer Box is only $25! Pre-order your box now on their website.

Also check out A Killer Box's social links below:
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And check out my buddy Johnny Tellez's unboxing of the Standard Edition of A KILLER BOX!
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  1. Shovel? No. That's a chainsaw.

    1. Holy balls, you're right! I was looking at the chainsaw part as the handle and the engine as the shovel part. I just figured it was the shovel he used to bury Linda. It's like that bunny/duck thing lol

    2. I'm a huge fan of the show so I sat there for a couple seconds just going "... WHAT?"