THE VINCENT PRICE TAG 💀 Created by The Late Late Horror Show

Hey Boils & Ghouls! Gory B Movie here with my responses to the Vincent Price tag created by my friends Dino and Ted of The Late, Late Horror Show. This was so much fun huge thanks to LLHS and to Nightmare Maven for tagging me. Be sure to check out the links to their videos below as well as the tag questions so you can join the tag. 💀 THE LATE LATE HORROR SHOW'S VINCENT PRICE TAG 💀 💀 NIGHTMARE MAVEN'S VINCENT PRICE TAG 💀 💀 QUESTIONS 💀 1. Favorite Vincent Price horror film 2. Favorite Vincent Price non-horror film 3. Who would win in a fight between the Triumvirate of Evil? Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, or Peter Cushing. (Since there always has to be a “who’d win in a fight” question) 4. Vincent Price’s best contribution to a music album...Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare”? 5. Replace any actor in a horror movie with Vincent Price. What actor and what movie? 6. If you were in a movie with Vincent Price, chances are, he’d kill you. How would you want Price to kill your character? 7. Vincent Price guest starred on many classic TV shows. What is your favorite? 8. Vincent Price starred in 8 films with the word “House” in the title. What is your favorite? 9. If Vincent Price could read you a bedtime story, what would it be? 10. Vincent Price lent his voice to several animated films/shows. What is your favorite?

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